Llewellyn Skulark

Currency Exchange

The Situation

From a very young age, we are taught that money equates power. We’re taught that the right amount of zeros in a sum can open all sorts of doors but rarely are we taught how to obtain and build the foundation for generational wealth. This holds especially true for communities of color. I sought out to change this. I was challenged with the task of presenting financial literacy in an interesting way that most had never seen.

 The Solution

To conquer this feat I focused on what I know best, art! I enlisted the help of six designers and artist to put on an art experience to educate its attendees on financial literacy. Over the course of four months I lead the team in designing and curating this incredible event!

The Currency Exchange is a multimedia art experience created by black creatives to highlight the importance of financial literacy in communities of color. The show is a creative exploration of “the almighty dollar” and the influences that it has on the black community and its culture. The Currency Exchange will artistically unpack these concepts to bring awareness to the constant influence, both positive and negative, that money has over the black community using three central themes: Love, Hate and Power.